A Cage Free Celebration

Farm life has been keeping us busy. 

2018 wrapped up with our wine FINALLY being for sale. The first weekend we hit stores, we completely sold out; we were all ecstatic. The satisfaction of getting to sell before the year ended, paired with a complete sellout and reorder; complete bliss. Nothing could have better prepared us all for what 2019 holds. 

Between selling wine and tending to the circus at The Farm, two of our Cage Free Love Birds got hitched! It was the most beautiful scene on Christmas Eve. When Morgan initially decided he was going to propose to Victoria, he knew he wanted to do it where she loves being the most. And of course, that’s at her farm. While the two of them went to dinner, the rest of the Cage Free crew moved in Christmas Trees, tons of poinsettias, lights, and ribbons. Jean and Courtney draped the barn in thin white fabric, wrapped with hundreds of golden lights. They even sprinkled the floor with rose petals and corn, both tasty treats for the chickens who were all hanging out watching the night unfold. Patrick and Dean even set up a fire pit and chairs on The Farm, because we knew we would all be hanging out, reminiscing and celebrating all night.  We all know 2019 will hold the most beautiful Cage Free Wedding. Congratulations, Morgan and Victoria!

Its the 17th day of the year and I think we can all agree, our anticipation to see what this year holds is still building. 2018 was full of ideas, trials and triumphs, unmatched efforts. It is absolutely satisfying to be able to hold our Cage Free bottles, that not long ago was just a sketch on a dinner napkin. Now, we are determined to share our project with as many people as we can. Cage Free will be branching out to more states this year, including Iowa, Nebraska and California. As well as building our story in our home state of Colorado. We can’t thank everyone who has already been a part of our journey.