The anticipation of finally seeing our wine in person has been lingering with all of us for months. We’ve picked out our grapes, our bottles, our labels and started all things Cage Free.  Most every conversation we have had with each other has lead back to the wine, but it’s been mostly imagining what the bottles will look like and how the label color will turn out. After months of planning, our wine is finally on its way to Colorado and we could not be more excited. We managed to get our hands on a bottle of each varietal and the satisfaction of seeing and holding them has been unreal. We feel so blessed to have had this opportunity, nonetheless had the opportunity with our family. The six of us have been living and breathing Cage Free and now, we can’t wait to drink it and share it with you.


Although we are still waiting for our wines to be available in stores, we feel as though we have had our first victory, just with being able to see the finished product. We can’t wait to continue the hard work and continue living our dream Cage Free.