Happy Birthday, DEAN!

A birthday on the farm

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll already know that we celebrated a very important birthday on April 2nd. 

Our commander-in-chief, Dean.

In typical Dean fashion, he didn’t want anyone to go out of their way to celebrate him. He doesn’t expect any gifts, hates being the center of attention and doesn’t want anyone to cancel any other plans if they’re already busy. Dean is the most selfless, caring and humble person we all know. And we’re blessed to call him ours.

Of course, the kids and Jean talked and planned a BBQ at The Farm. Patrick and Courtney brought brisket, pork and rip tips and Victoria and Morgan made sure we had the right sides and that The Farm was ready for the first party of the season. Once the six, plus “Little”, arrived we cracked a bottle of Cage Free, lit up the fire pit and headed out to the barn. 

It’s Spring in Colorado and that means it’s summer in the sun and winter in the shade. We all made sure to bring extra jackets and hats for when the sun goes down. Before dinner, we played with Linus and Lucy-the twin baby goats. These baby goats act exactly like dogs! They come when you call, they chase you and they play with other puppies really well! Patrick and Courtney even brought their puppy, Ace, to play with them.

We ate, we drank, shared stories and laughed. We definitely all got excited about the Saturday Summer nights to come that will be spent at the Firepit on the Farm. The night was flawless, even with Ace almost catching a chicken, everyone was very happy. No chickens were harmed and our hearts, and bellies were full.

Happy Birthday, Dean! We are all so sure this is going to be your best year yet.