Round Here

Mondays around here are sacred.


Although family dinners every Monday is a newer tradition, it’s one that we will carry on forever. Look at Mondays as a requirement for the Shaughnessy family. It’s a time the six of us can all plan on meeting up, sharing a meal and much-needed conversation. It’s been hard to coordinate all the different schedules in the past, so to have a set-day we can all count on, is a blessing. We rotate houses every Monday; from Dean & Jeans to Patrick & Courtney’s, and then to The Farm. I think we can all agree that dinners at The Farm, are by far some of the best dinners. Oldetown Homestead Farm is home to 17 of Victoria and Morgan’s “pets”. So between avoiding the 15 cage-free chickens when you go out the back door, and making sure “Chief” (the 180lb. Great Pyrenees that was supposed to be a “100% Outdoor Farm Dog) isn’t running straight from the mud, to the white couch in the living room; things can certainly be exciting. You know it’s time to start dinner when we can finally manage to get everyone inside and Chief outside


It was at a Monday Dinner at The Farm in early 2018; Wine was flowing and as usual, we were sharing work stories and funny pet pictures from the past week. We finished eating and all remained around Vic’s white kitchen table. Dean poured the last glass of the cabernet we were drinking and sat back down. “What if we had a wine?” We all laughed and told him to bring it on, we were ready for another bottle. And he explained, “No, what if we created a wine?


Conversation carried on and Cage Free Vineyards was born. Cage Free is something we really believe in. Something that encompasses the emphasis we as a family put on health, green-living, and life longevity. As a family, we just go for it. We understand that opportunities are few, and time is even fewer. After living and breathing the industry for 25+ years with Dean’s family business, why would we not create something we are proud of? Something that says “Welcome home” and “Sit down and stay a while.” Let’s make something effortlessly delicious that appeals to everyone. As our family continues to grow, this could be a bottle we reach for on any occasion, with any meal. A bottle we would bring to a friend’s house for a night in, or to the next family birthday or anniversary. A wine as diverse but harmonic as our family, but one that is easy to share.

From our family to yours, we present to you Cage Free Vineyards.


“Cage Free” is a small production, family-owned wine. With three very carefully handcrafted varietals, we have created something everyone will like. The Chardonnay is rich, buttery and smooth. The Cabernet is rich and jammy with a long finish. Drink the Red Blend with dinner or on its own. Our wine fits every budget and every taste. We hope every bottle encapsulates the sheer joy being around loved ones brings. So please, open the bottle and live Cage Free with us.


We can’t wait to share The Farm and the wine it inspired with you.


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