We Put All Our Eggs In This Basket

“We put all of our eggs in this basket.”

Spring is right around the corner and we all know it. Aside from the human members of the CFV family getting antsy for warm weather, all the animal members are certainly ready, too. The chickens are wanting to spend more time outside and are trying to nest and hatch their eggs. (Which isn’t possible with no rooster on the farm.) Chief has begun shedding one of the many layers of his thick white coat. For us, we’re feeling the early anticipation of Colorado in the spring and summer. We’re longing for shorts, and no more shoveling, and temperatures above 40 degrees. Not only is this warm weather exceptional for everyone’s mood but we look at it as a new opportunity to bring light to Cage Free Vineyards and our rescue farm. 

The end of February brought the most adorable gift to the Cage Free Farm: Two baby goat siblings! Linus and Lucy were only a couple days old when Victoria got a call that they were looking for a foster home after losing their mom. Of course, she went to go rescue them right away. These babies require bottles every three hours, love running and jumping off of everything and anyone in their path, and are trying out their voices every chance they get. They have certainly brought another level of hard work, and love, to the farm. Make sure to be following us on Instagram as well as the farm page @cagefreevineyards @oldetownhomestead to see all of their shenanigans!

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March started off with the girls packing their bags and heading to Iowa to finally kickoff Cage Free Vineyards to the best distributor out there. Victoria + Courtney left Colorado at 6 am on a Tuesday morning and didn’t stop working until they returned home a few nights later. They were able to hit almost 30 stops in their time there and are anticipating seeing how their hard work is going to pay off. Many of the stops they made were at the incredible Hy-Vee stores that the midwest boasts. Complete with fresh food options including pizza, barbecue, and a salad bar, Hy-Vees have a complete grocery store, liquor store, and many even have a Market Grille complete with a bar. The Windsor Heights Hy-Vee hosted the girls the night they got in for a Cage Free Tasting that’s free for shoppers at the store. They loved sharing our story with locals and even sold close to two cases. At the West Lakes Hy-Vee, the Grille brought in Cage Free Vineyards as their feature wine for their Steak Nights they host every Thursday. Court + Vic stopped in for a glass of the Red Blend and met with their fantastic bartender, Kris. They also made a stop at the Wine Experience at Jordan Creek Mall and had dinner and a glass of Cage Free before their flight home the next day. The owners recently brought us in and we definitely do not hesitate to support their delicious food! Between many more restaurant and Hy-Vee stops, the girls were able to spend some quality time together, taking in the beautiful state of Iowa. They’ll definitely be back soon.

As March comes to an end in the next week, we are thankful for the first three months treating us so well. The next months will hold even more challenges and triumphs. Aside from working as hard as we can to spread awareness of our brand, we have an upcoming wedding, a big birthday on April 2nd, and a very much anticipated move for Courtney + Patrick. 

Oh, how wonderful life is.